Mandated Testing

MAP Testing

MAP is an Anchorage School District interim benchmark assessment. It is given three times a year, once in September, again in December, and the final time is in April. The MAP assessment data is part of the process for identifying students who are at risk in their learning and also to identify students who need enrichment. MAP has two sections, math and reading. More information is available at the Anchorage School District's Comprehensive Assessments site.


MAP Warm-Ups

PEAKS Testing

PEAKS is a statewide summative assessment that is given in the spring. A summative assessment is "designed to give information on a student’s understanding of the state’s English language arts, mathematics, and science standards." More information about PEAKS can be found on the Alaska Department of Education's Assessment and Accountability website.


Several different tools are available for students to use while taking the PEAKS test. Watch the video tutorials to see how the tools are used. Practice tests are also available for students to practice using the tools.

PEAKS Video Tutorials

PEAKS Practice Test