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In 2017 - 2018  there are 804 students who attend Jane Mears Middle School in grades 7 and 8. Each grade is divided into three teams and the Life Skills team consists of both seventh and eighth graders. Our team names this year are all mountains in Alaska.


7th Grade teams8th Grade teams7th/8th Grade team

Team color: dark blue

Team color: black

Team color: bright yellow

Team color: red

Team color: green

Team color: turquoise blue

Team color: royal blue


In general, every student on a team will have the same teachers for their four core classes. The core classes are: Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. For a list of teachers by team go to 7th or 8th grade under the Staff tab.


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PEAKS Testing

PEAKS is a statewide summative assessment that is given in the spring. A summative assessment is "designed to give information on a student’s understanding of the state’s English language arts, mathematics, and science standards." More information about PEAKS can be found on the Alaska Department of Education's Assessment and Accountability website.


Several different tools are available for students to use while taking the PEAKS test. Watch the video tutorials to see how the tools are used. Practice tests are also available for students to practice using the tools.

PEAKS Video Tutorials

PEAKS Practice Test


Student Handbook

The Anchorage School District Middle School Handbook provides students with rules, guidelines, and procedures for many things. All students should read the handbook and be familiar with what it contains. A copy of the Middle School Student Handbook in .pdf format may be downloaded here: StudentHandbook17-18


All students will receive a paper copy of the Student Handbook during the first week of school.