School Store

Finished but closed

The School Store at Mears is managed and staffed by members of the Mears PTSA. The store is open before school and during both lunch periods. The store is also staffed at most sporting events and other activities that occur in the evening.


The Black Cat Cafe is a joint venture between the Mears PTSA, students taking the School Business Partnership class (SBPC) with Mrs. Johansen, and Cafe D'Arte. SBPC students will manage and work in the Black Cat Cafe after they complete training as baristas.


Lists of products available from the store:

All prices and offerings are subject to change for the 2017 - 2018 school year.

SPIRIT WEAR Clothing ItemsPrice
T-shirt $10.00                              
Shorts $15.00
Sweatpants $20.00
Hoodie, pull over $30.00 
Hoddie, zip up $36.00
T-shirt/Shorts combo $22.00
T-shirt/Sweatpants combo $27.00
T-shirt/Sweats/Shorts combo $41.00
T-shirt/Sweats/Shorts/Hoodie pull over combo $71.00
Capri sweats $25.00


Drinks -     Water $1.00                                    
Propel $2.00
Ice $2.00
Tic Tacs $1.50
Dollar -        
Rice Crispie Treat    $1.00
Trail Mix $1.00
Z-bars $1.00
Breath Savers $1.00
50 cent -      
Chewy Granola Bar $0.50
NutriGrain Bar $0.50
Nature Valley Bar $0.50
Go-Gurt $0.50
Pudding (chocolate or vanilla) $0.50
25 cent -   
Slim Jims    $0.25
Memory Books

Mears Memory Books can be purchased online starting in September 2017. Go to PT-Avenue, and use the organization code: MearsPTSA.

Click on the Online Store button at the top of the screen. It has a red shopping cart on it. Choose Memory Book and follow the directions.


Students create the Mears memory book in an after school activity sponsored by Tina Arend, our Business Technology instructor. Students who are part of the memory book team take photographs, design the pages and edit the text and design components to complete our memory book. To become part of the memory book team you must fill out an application and get teacher recommendations. For more information see the description for Memory Book on the Programs & Activiites page. 


The sale of memory books is a fundraisor for the Mears PTSA and helps to fund many student activities and programs in our school.