Schedule of Activities & Sports


Updated 10/2017

(may change)
 Cross Country Running Interscholastic   8/22-10/6    3:00-4:30    Participation, Physical, Concussion  $110
 Soccer Intramural  8/29-9/22    3:00-4:30     Partic., Physical, Concus.  
 Basketball (Girls) Interscholastic  8/29-10/12     3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus.  $110
 Archery I Intramural     9/18-10/13    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus.  
 Wrestling Interscholastic  10/13-12/8    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus. $110 
 Volleyball (Girls) Interscholastic  10/17-12/9    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus. $110
 Cross Country Skiing Interscholastic  1/9-3/2    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus. $110
 Archery II    Intramural  1/16-2/9    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus.  
 Basketball (Boys) Interscholastic  1/16-3/2    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus.  $110
 Native Youth Olympics

 Learn & compete in
Alaska Native sports

 1/29-3/8    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus.  
 Track & Field  Interscholastic  3/21-5/9    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus.  $110
 Tennis  Intramural  4/16-5/18    3:00-4:30    Partic., Physical, Concus.  
Required Forms
 Jazz Band  In-depth jazz music  Daily  7:15AM  Participation form, audition  
 Open gym     Gym activities  Daily  Lunch  None  
 Construction Academy  Construction skills  TBA  3:00-4:30  Participation  
 Memory Book  Design and layout of yearbook  Oct-May  3:00-4:30  Participation, Application  
 National Junior Honor Society  Service organization  TBA  Lunch   Invitation, Application  
 Battle of the Books  Academic
 10/5-2/16  Thurs. lunch  Permission slip  
 Geography Bee  Academic
 1/26  8:15AM  Participation, Audition  
 Spelling Bee  Academic
 2/9  8:15AM  Participation, Audition  
 Math Counts  Academic
 10/3  Tues.
 Science Olympiad  Academic
 TBA  TBA  Participation  


Activities are open to all students unless otherwise noted in () after name in first column.

Date, time, and offerings are subject to regular changes and funding availability.

All forms are available for download from the district's Middle School Participation in Sports and Activities and paper copies are available at Mears Student Services in the main office.

Intramural and Interscholastic Sports

  • Intramural sports occur at the school site. There is no travel to other school sites and no fee. They are about 4 weeks.
  • Interscholastic activities are district-wide activities. Students compete at various sites across the district with other middle schools. They are 6-8 weeks. The fee is $110 per sport and a waiver based on income is available. A uniform shirt is usually required for an additional $10 fee.
  • All sports are after school starting at 3:00pm. Students must be picked up no later than 4:45pm!


Participation and Physical Forms and Fees

  • A signed participation form must be on file for all sports and activities that involve regularly staying after or coming in before school. A seperate form is required for each activity.
  • Students must have a physical on file if they are involved in any sport or physical activity. The date of the physical must not be more than one year prior to the last day of the seaon for the sport.
  • All activities requiring a physical also require concussion baseline testing. This can be done at home or at school once the appropriate paperwork is complete. There is a $5 fee required for the test that cannot be waived.
  • Interscholastic Sports have a fee of $110 per sport and a waiver based on income is available. The Family Cap is $390 per family combined for both middle and high school sports. Keep your receipts to show you reached the Cap.
  • Both the $110 per sport fee and the one time $5 concussion test fee may be paid on-line through Zangle Parent Connect.
  • The physical, participation form, concussion test certificate, and fees must all be turned in together at one time, at least one day prior to the start of practice to Student Services in the main office before the student may participate.

Dates are subject to change**