Lunch Times

Please see the Bell schedule for lunch period times.

Anchorage School District Middle School Prices 2017-2018

Student Breakfast $2.10

Reduced-Price Breakfast 0.30

Student Lunch $4.05

Reduced-Price Lunch 0.40

Milk  0.50

Lactose-Free Milk  0.75

Water  $1.00

Switch $2.00


For more information about the Free and Reduced Meal Program, go to the ASD Student Nutrition page.



For weekly school lunch menus go to Student Nutrition's Middle School Lunch Menu page.



There are two ways to prepay for meals:

1. Prepay with the Cafeteria Manager. Cash and checks are accepted. Mrs. Smith, the Cafeteria Manager, suggests bringing your payment to the cashier in the morning during breakfast. 

2. Pay online via ParentConnection. (If you do not know/remember your PIN/Password, please stop by the office or give us a call at 907-742-6400.)


More information is available from the ASD Student Nutrition website.